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Bald eagle desktop wallpapers: We all have heard about the intelligence of the bald eagle once in our lifetime. The pure North American sea bird is extremely fast and strong. From the looks of the bird, it is extremely classy – the head being purely white, while the remaining body being black and the tale is found to be white as well. Most of the times, such kind of the bird is found near Mexico and Alaska in an open sea region. The legs and the beak is the same in color, being yellowish orange. One of the most famous facts about the bald eagle is that it is the national bird of the United States of America. It symbolizes the USA’s pride. This is why the bald eagle appears to be on the official government seals and buildings. If you are also a fan of the bald eagle and believe it brings you pride, its time you make it your wallpaper for your desktop or mobile screen. Get high resolution bald eagle wallpaper from us today.

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