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Cheerleader desktop wallpaper: When it comes to cheerleading, it ranges from yelling to doing intense physical activity for a sport teams for their motivation and for the entertainment of the audience. The cheerleading routines range from 1 to 3 minutes, which contain different activities like stunting, cheers, jumps, dance, tumbling and singing of chants. The athletes, dancers and yellers involved in this are known as cheerleaders. The activity of cheerleading emerged from the United States of America and still remains as an important activity for their culture. More than 1.5 millions cheerleaders participate in all-star cheerleading every year. In 1997, it was the first time when the presentation of the cheerleaders was done in front of a global audience. ESPN International organized this competition and released it in form of a film named Bring It On in 2000. There are now 100,000 cheerleading participants present all around the world. They are present in countries which include United Kingdom, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, France, Finland, Colombia, China, Canada, Australia and America. If you love looking at the cheerleaders, you need to see our collection of cheerleader hd wallpapers and cheerleader images.

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