Chow Chow Dog Wallpapers



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A breed from Northern China, Chow Chow dogs are also referred as Songshi Quan (in Chinese) or simply Chow dogs. In traditional Chinese, this breed is also called furry lion. It may be because of its thick coat of fur on its body, especially around the head, that gives the breed an appearance of a lion. The chow dogs are also mentioned in the myths regarding the Buddha. These dogs are generally short heighted and due to their physical appearance, they have a distinct look. Our chow chow dog high resolution wallpapers are available so that you can have a closer look on them. These dogs are also known to have an independent nature. The breed can be highly loyal to the owner and at the same time it can be fiercely suspicious of the strangers. Despite its furry coat and cute features, the breed is aloof and not very good as a cuddling companion. Nevertheless, we bring you some really cool chow chow dog background wallpapers for your PCs and mobiles. The new chow chow dog wallpapers are also available for any chow dog breed lovers or dog lovers in general.

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