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Fascinating hd wallpapers of Darth Vader: Darth Vader is the main fictional character of the movie star wars series. His character is greatly recognized in the cinematic history. He is considered the famous villain of all times, who is famous for his fighting skills and ruthlessness character. Darth Vader was first appeared in 1977 in the first movie of the Star Wars series. His iconic helmet has also gained great fame among his fans. Darth Vader is the idea of Henry Lucas and this fictional character is played by many actors. Due to the popularity of this character many Darth Vader products have introduced in the market like video games, toys, burgers, watches, etc. The Darth Vader hd wallpapers are also available on the internet. You can enhance the display of your computer or any other device with the iconic character of Darth Vader by setting Darth Vader full screen wallpapers.