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It might not look good in the first glance, but Doberman dogs are the most intelligent, loyal, alert and sharp breed of dogs primarily used as a watch dog or guard dog in homes and police stations.
Doberman dog was first developed in Germany by Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman to create a breed of dogs that is extremely intelligent, alert and loyal. This dog is used by police departments as a guard dog and as a watch dog, it mostly stays outdoor because of its watchman qualities, but can also be a part of indoor family atmosphere.
We have a great collection of Doberman dog HD wallpapers, where you will find lots of different types of Doberman dogs posing differently in many different settings and backgrounds. These wallpapers might not provide the eye candy you are looking for, but this dog can definitely put a positive and strong impression, if set as your home screen wallpaper.
Protect your Smartphone with free Doberman wallpapers and exhibit an intelligent and smart temperament to your friends and family.