Elephant Desktop Wallpapers



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This huge mammal might not attract you to set it as your desktop wallpaper screen, but with our customized HD elephant wallpapers and their artistic backgrounds will surely motivate you to set it as your computer or mobile wallpaper.
Elephants are the largest mammals in world but they are decreasing at an alarming rate. The only specie of the elephant left on Earth, Is Asian grey elephant and within 20 years, the Asian continent will no longer be enough to ensure species viability. Currently in Laos, the remaining 1,300 elephants are in a critically alarming situation and survive under unsustainable conditions.
To see this endangered beauty we have created a beautiful assortment of elephant wallpapers, where you will not see boring old images of elephants, but professional wallpapers with artistic and exotic backgrounds ranging from photo-shopped artistic scenes to lush green fields of Africa. We also have romantic elephant wallpapers of elephant couples and families and cute baby elephants that you will not be able to stop yourself from downloading and setting them as your screen wallpaper.

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