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99-Best Winter Mountain Wallpaper

If you like to stay warm and love the cosy feeling with your quilt and comforters, then winter is the best season for you. Not only does winter brings cold winds and snowfall, but it also brings foggy weather as well. Snowfall and fog are two weathers which are quite famous in the winter. In some unfortunate countries, fog mostly consists of pollution, but in cleaner countries, people can actually experience the original fog. During the early mornings and from evening till night, fog starts to appear in the city and the woods and present a calm environment. It usually appears in the areas where there is little physical disturbance, like open grounds such as parks, lakes, empty roads, etc. Although fog is beautiful, it can turn deadly as well, so be careful when you step out. HD wallpapers of fog are worth seeing and if the viewers want more then they can check out fog widescreen wallpapers for their tablets and phones.

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