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The most favorite insect of children since their childhood is the ladybug. The ladybug is the prettiest and the cutest insects of all. With its beautiful design, kids and adults love ladybugs. Due to its appearance and color contrast, the ladybug has unique enhanced beauty of its own. As we all know, the thorax area of the ladybug is red in color, having black spots on it. The head region is completely. Due to the thorax and the head region, the ladybug successfully differentiates itself from other insects and outclasses them with its attraction and appearance. The ladybug can have a very smooth short fly as well. Due to their features, they can sense the coming of objects and humans coming towards them. All of the sensing is conducted by the antennas they have on top of their head. Being a remarkably beautiful insect, we have collected an interesting, yet amazing collection of high resolution ladybug desktop wallpapers. We also provide ladybug HD desktop wallpapers to the ladybug lovers. You can download them on your desktop and mobile phones.