Lara Croft Desktop Wallpapers



99-Best Winter Mountain Wallpaper

Lara croft wallpapers: A perfect example of beauty, brains and adventuresome skills: The protagonist of the famous video game tomb raider series, Lara croft is one hell of a female character of a video game. A series of brilliant movies are on this character in which famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie played this magnificent role. Lara croft is famous for its skills, intelligence and brilliance at adventures around the ruins, ancient building and museums. Her abilities to rescue the ancient valuables from vicious and greedy savages are simply amazing. She is a competent competitor to all the super heroes who rescue people as she has her competitive advantage in rescuing the history and foundations of the civilization. Wide range of high definition Lara croft widescreen wallpapers shows the success and fan following she have from around the world. Lara croft is a symbol of beauty, genius, courage, bravery and adventurous skills with a good heart. Setting a computer screen Lara croft’s wallpaper will urge you to do some meaningful in your life and fight for what you believe in no matter how much the world opposed it.

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