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Military Aircraft hd wallpaper: A military aircraft is a rotary wing or a fixed wing aircraft that is operated by an insurrectionary or legal armed service present on board of any type. Military aircraft can either be non-combat or combat. A non combat aircraft is not designed for the purpose of combat as the main function. It carries the weapons that are used for self defense. They operate in supporting roles, may also developed by the civilian organizations or the military forces. On the other hand, the combat aircraft are designed to fully destroy the enemies and their equipment by the use of their own ordnance aircraft. They are made by the military forces only. For all those who love army and the wars, they love the military aircrafts as well. If you also admire the arm forces and their equipment, take a look at our military aircraft widescreen wallpaper collection. We bring you our military aircraft HD wallpapers from different army’s of the world. Once you have seen our collection, you can either make the wallpaper of the military aircraft that belongs to your country or of the country you like the most

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