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99-Best Winter Mountain Wallpaper

Morocco desktop wallpapers: Officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, this is a country found in North Africa, in the Maghreb region. Morocco is mainly a rugged mountainous terrain while the rest of the part is a desert. This is among the only three countries that have a coastline with Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The country has an estimated population of about 33 million and has a capital situated in the city of Rabat. The largest city of this country is Casablanca, although there are several other major cities as well. Having an official language as Arabic and Berber, the religion Islam mostly dominates the country. However, French and Moroccan Arabic are also widely spoken in Morocco. We have added new wallpapers of Morocco for our viewers. You can see different places in this country by viewing the high resolution wallpapers of Morocco. We recommend that you should also see the desktop wallpapers of Morocco.

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