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Norwegian dog hd wallpapers: Bred to be the hunting dogs, the Norwegian dogs were brought in the world for the purpose. They not only hunt, but also serve as farm dogs and herding dogs. Most of such types of dogs are medium in size, but they do serious jobs such as hunting bear and moose. Some came into existence in 1800s, while some came with Norway Vikings and settlers. One of the common bread of the Norwegian dogs is the dunker. A dunker was made by the Captain Wilhelm Conrad Dunker in the beginning of 1800s. This breed was made with the aim to hunt hares. Dunker has always struggled with popularity and has been a large amount of inbreeding that makes the dog fairly less attractive, although the dog is very good looking. Dunker comes with strong paws that helps in digging ice and snow and handles itself well in cold of Norway. It is a social dog that can be trusted and has good temperament. Though they were found in Norway, they are still rare there. The Norwegian dogs are fine looking and serving dogs. People all around the world love them. If you also love them, you need to see our collection of Norwegian dog wallpaper. The Norwegian dog wallpapers present different breeds of the type. You will notice how lovely this creature is in our Norwegian dog HD wallpapers.

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