Polar Bear Desktop Wallpapers



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Polar bears live in most of the Arctic Circle region where temperature is always below freezing point the whole year. Unlike their cousins in Southern regions, polar bears are superbly adapted to this harsh climate and have a natural instinct for survival in the sea and ice. Polar bears love to hunt for seals and that is why they have slightly webbed paws so that they can swim in the ocean. Excellent diving technique helps them to search for food in deep waters whereas, a thick coat of fur helps them to keep warm air inside. Marvellous desktop wallpapers of polar bears are present for those who love these creatures. Fearless and unpredictable, polar bears do not differentiate between seals and humans and can detect danger easily. HD wallpapers of polar bears are available here for those who wish to see this creature in their natural habitat. You can view more pictures as we have uploaded some great background wallpapers of polar bears.

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