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Rifle desktop wallpapers: A rifle is known as a firearm that is designed to be fired from an aim of the shoulder, consists of a barrel that has pattern or helical grooves, cutting into the wall barrel. The raised area present in the rifle is called lands as it makes contact with the projectile. Rifle word was referred originally by the grooving and now it is known as rifled gun. Now the rifles are used in shooting sports, hunting and warfare. You might have also seen a rifle in gun games such as Modern War, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto as well. Furthermore, there are different types of rifles that are used for different purposes. Typically, a bullet containing explosive compound is used in a rifle. The bullet usually contains nitrocellulose or black powder. One may also use compressed air. Compressed air is used for casual shooting, formal target shooting, small hunting game and vermin control. If you are a fan of guns and rifle is your favorite, you need to see our collection of rifle hd wallpapers. People all around the world love shooting and hunting – understanding their love, we bring them rifle wallpapers. Our collection of rifle HD wallpapers brings in rifles from different parts of the world that have different colors and designs on them. Use them as your wallpaper to show your interest and love.

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