Russian Blue Cat Wallpapers



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Russian Blues are domestic cat breed that have a greyish coat of fur. Some people may even suggest that it is a greyish-blue and hence the name became Russian Blue for the cat breed. These cats are rather intelligent and tend to be really playful, especially when they are kittens but they may show a shy behaviour towards strangers. However, they form a strong bond with humans and can become a great pet due to their friendly personality. The Russian Blue is a natural breed and it may have originated somewhere in Arkhangelsk, Russia. At one point in time, perhaps before World War II, the breed reduced in number and so people began cross breeding it with the Siamese breed. It is due to this that the breed is similar to Siamese. We have some lovely HD wallpapers of Russian Blue cats. And if you want more then check out desktop wallpapers of Russian Blue cats.