Scarlet Macaw Parrots Wallpapers



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Sub species that fall in the macaw parrot family, scarlet macaws get their name from the crimson red colour combined with blue wings with a touch of orange, yellow and green. These beautifully red parrots originally come from South American and are known to be from the Amazon Jungle. Apart from their remarkable colour pattern and appearance, they have a really long tail as compared to other parrots and macaws that support them during flying and while sitting on a tree branch. The major portion of their body is crimson red that gives them a striking appearance while their wings are multi-coloured, having a major portion of blue or green. Orange, yellow, green and pink are other colours found on their wings with a patch of white around their eyes. Beautiful desktop wallpapers of Scarlet Macaw birds are available here and more are available at background wallpapers of Scarlet Macaw parrots.

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