Shakira world Cup 2014 wallpapers



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WE present to you the world famous star and the most favored singer for the FIFA World Cup official song, Shakira. She contributed in the 2010 World Cup and she has contributed in this year’s (2014) event as well. Her beautiful dance steps and songs make people go crazy and increase the excitement, and when it’s World Cup, there’s no telling how high the excitement goes. Shakira hails from Columbia and is also known to be the most successful personality in the music industry. She made her debut in the 1990s and then went on to releasing her album in the 1996. If you still do not recognize this world favorite singer then you must remember her “Hips Don’t Lie” which created numerous hits! We have desktop wallpapers of Shakira World Cup 2014 where you can see some beautiful poses. You can also check out background wallpapers of Shakira World Cup 2014.

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