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Like her father, the famous Shatrughan Sinha, Sonkashi Sinha also made a remarkable entry in the Bollywood industry. Sonakshi became famous after she starred alongside with the very famous Salman Khan in “Dabang” movie. The film not only made her famous, but also topped the Bollywood charts, making it among the highest profit movies of Bollywood. Later she went on to starring with Akshay Kumar and other movie, which all became very famous. At first, people used to mention her weight problem, but now that she is more slim and look really sassy, her fans are delighted to see her on screen. Sonakshi Sinha began her career life as a fashion designer. Later she became a costume designer. Apart from her perfect acting, she also has a beautiful personality and an interesting mind. View the beautiful HD wallpaper of Sonakshi Sinha from this website. We have an amazing collection of this Bollywood star. All the desktop wallpapers of Sonakshi Sinha are free of cost.

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