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Space Shuttle desktop wallpapers – A flight into Space: Space Shuttle was U.S launched Space Orbit Aircraft. This program was operated under NASA which is known as STS (Space Transportation System). First flight of Space Transportation System was launched in 1981. The space shuttle design resembled a simple and conventional aircraft with double wings. Its length was 122.17 ft., its height was 56.58 ft. and its wingspan was known to be 78.06 ft.
All these things which are meant to be launched in the space are an interesting topic for everyone. Even those people who do not have much interest in science, loves to watch documentaries on such programs and space crafts. The scene of these space-crafts orbiting in the space looks amazingly exquisite. If you want this space shuttle to fly on your desktop screen then we have brought some really attractive Space Shuttle HD wallpapers for your desktop’s screen that will take you to the amazing tour of the space. So, click here and enjoy the tour of space.

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