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Universal Star explosion’s latest hd wallpapers: Universe holds many mysteries that man has to undiscovered yet. Stars, moons and planets are just a part of the vast universe that is sometimes incomprehensible by human mind. Star explosion is just a phenomena observed by the astronauts who went to space for their expedition. It is not true that all stars behave in same way as others does. Every star is a big ball of dust that shines when sun puts its rays on it. Stars do contain some energy that is unknown to humans right now. As a matter of any asteroid or meteoroid destruction, stars come in contact with other stars, meteoroids and other space bodies that then creates a chain of explosions. This explosion is uncontrollable and have no pattern or time. According to astronauts, though the sight of star explosion is dreadful but the patterns and beautiful lightning came out of it is worth witnessing through one’s eyes. Various high definition wallpapers of star explosion are available for enthusiasts to download.