Wimbledon HD Wallpapers 2014



99-Best Winter Mountain Wallpaper

Wimbledon, or The Wimbledon Challenge, is the oldest lawn tennis competition in the whole world. Apart from that, some fans even argue that it is the most famous one as well. It was planned ever since from 1877 at the All England Club, London. Wimbledon is a part of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, with the US Open, Australian Open and the French Open beside it. In 1988, Australian Open shifted its court to the hard court and ever since that day, Wimbledon is the only remaining Grand Slam tournament which is still played on grass. The move to remain on grass preserves the original beauty of the sport whose name derived from “lawn tennis”. Each year the tournament starts from the end of June and proceeds till the ending first week of July. High resolution Wimbledon wallpapers are available for the tennis fans to see exciting actions and if our viewers need more then we also have widescreen Wimbledon wallpapers. Have fun everybody!

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